Practical Activities from a Charitable Female Entrepreneur Club in Chau Thanh district

The Charitable Female Entrepreneur Club in Chau Thanh district (hereafter called "the Club") under the Women's Union of Chau Thanh district was established in September 2009.

After 4-year operation, the Club's operation has been stabilized and developed with more than 30 members. These members include women doing business, either managing or owning enterprises in Chau Thanh township. During the beginning period, there were just 5 members; however, thanks to its effective and practical operation, those who joined the Club both participated in social activities and found happiness from that, 32 volunteering enterprises have registered to be its members now.

Rice distribution to poor households by the Charitable Female Entrepreneur Club in Chau Thanh district


When receiving direct request letters for help or through indirect information from commune/ township Women's Unions or from the humanity sub-program on the Television and Voice channel, the Club's Executive Board actively takes a field visit to find out the actual situation for providing appropriate support. Up to now, the Club has supported several cases such as supporting a heart surgeon case for a poor child with the amount at around 20 million VND; support the re-construction of 3 houses due to fire; pay visits to 235 cases of serious diseases and poor households having difficulties in funerals; and awarding several scholarships for poor pupils... Moreover, the Club also participates in the "daily kitchen" activity for poor patients at the district hospital and provides monthly support for 22 solitary old people at Phuoc Lam pagoda (in My Xuyen district). Especially, on annual Tet holidays, the Club organizes rice distribution for around 500 times of poor households per year.

Together with the Club, we have understood happiness brought for such unlucky people through the Club's activities. A typical illustration for this is the case of a little chid called Huynh Minh Thien. This child has an innate heart disease, living in an extremely difficult family. The Club comes to his house and supports with 18 million VND so that he can be cured in Ho Chi Minh city, which is expected to bring a really full childhood for him. Ms. Thach Thi Ho - the Club's Chairwoman shared that "All members participating in the Club desire to be accompanied with unlucky people with the slogan "small things with great sympathy". We really feel so warm and happy when there are smiles on their faces and trust in their heart in human compassion".

After busy days for working and taking care of the families, the Club's meetings are the only time for the members to stay together to share with difficulties in life. With all of their sincerity, they would like to continue their support for those who need help to overcome rough time. Doing charity to create happiness for other people, hoping to be lucky in business and hoping good health for the families are always these women's desire.

Together with charitable activities, they also contribute to a common saving account at more than 300 million VND so that there is a fund source available to support members in the Club in expanding business or storing products. Even so, they still want to create something new for the Club to improve its operation quality to strengthen their financial situation and business skills to expand the markets and look for new partners...

          Phan Thi Xinh Huong

Gender officer



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