Environmental Impact Forecasts When Implementing Value Chain Upgrading Activities for ST rice, Red Onion and ...

Economic development accompanied with environmental protection is the common concern all over the world. When implementing value chain upgrading activities for ST rice, red onion and artemia rotational raising models under Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) Development Project in Soc Trang province, the Project Management Unit (PMU) paid its special attention to possible impacts on the environment; therefore, the PMU cooperated with the Investment Promotion and Enterprise Support Center (IPESC) to conduct environmental impact forecasts during implementing these activities.

ST rice value chain upgrading activities should pay attention to , emitted gases and noise from frying or husking factories; collection and treatment of plant protection chemical bottles... Besides, some issues were mentioned in upgrading red onion value chain as the use of fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and underground water; the application of technology; and the operation of the red onion preservation and semi-processing warehouses. For artemia rotational raising models, the transportation and use of bags containing chickens' manure as artemia's feeds and water and mud waste in these rotational raising models should be taken in account.

The delegates provided several comments on the ST rice value chain related to that supporting farmers to apply Global GAP standard into production would help reduce a lot of negative impacts on the environment; the PMU should refer to the rice - scrimp model because it created very few impacts on the environment and limited fertilizer use; and the use of a machine collecting straw after harvesting for raising cows and planting vegetables or the use of bio-chemicals for straw treatment to create nutrients for the soil should be considered; supporting the duplication of bio-models (plant flowers along the field curbs) to limit diseases in the fields was also recommended… For artemia rotational raising models, the delegates added some opinions for the forecasts such as improving the irrigation system for artemia raising and upgrading the dyke system to address the sea level rise. In addition, in 2013 Vinh Chau town faced unseasonal rain, influencing the artemia raising of cooperatives.


Mr. Pham Van Thu - Deputy Director of the Project Management Unit gave a speech at the consultation workshop on environmental impact forecasts when implementing ST rice value chain upgrading activities.

Several comments with effective models and solutions in reducing negative impacts on the environment in implementing upgrading activities for ST rice, red onion and artemia rotational raising models from the delegates were shared and noted. Thanks to these comments, the report of the consultants would become better and more feasible, contributing to minimizing negative impacts on the environment when upgrading value chains under the project support.


Trinh Diep Phuong Danh

Environment officer




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